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Guest Bronzehawk86

Legacies: Family vacation

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Guest Bronzehawk86

A Legacies sex story. I would like the story to be about the twins Lizzie and Josie Saltzman having a threesome with their mom Caroline Forbes. So in this story I would like the twins to be on a short vacation to the tropics with their mom. The story starts with the three of them lounging on the beach. Josie is pretending to read but in truth she can't take her eyes off her mom and twin sister. The two of them a gossiping about fashion or something but it is what they are wearing is what is driving her nuts. Josie is wearing a sexy but somewhat  boring bikini but what her mom and sister are wearing she might as well be wearing a sweeter. Lizzie is wearing a thong bikini and her bikini top is busting up her tits and showing underboob. As for the twins mom Caroline who was made into a vampire at 17 is wearing a tiny string bikini that just barley covers her nipples and pussy. After hours at the beach in which Josie just about goes mad with lust Caroline says she is going to run some errands and the twins say they will go back to the hotel room. As soon as they get into the room Josie grabs Lizzie and starts making out with her as she rips the blondes bikini off.  The twins had recently started fucking each other and the past few days had been torture for both of them not being able to give into the taboo desires. Lizzie lusty says she has been craving her twins pussy for days. Josie tells her it was torture seeing Lizzie and their mom and not being able to doing to them. Lizzie laughs and says right and how all day she just wanted to suck on their moms tits. The two of them don't waste any time and start to scissor when they hear a cough from the doorway and look up and see their mom standing their. The twins start cover up and try to explain butCaroline says she is not mad at what they are doing but is hurt they did not ask her to join in. The twins sit their stunned as Caroline says that she always thought of herself as a cool mom and that she thought they could be open with one and another. Caroline then says that she knows that they both want her.Caroline tell Josie that she knows that she has wanted Josie that she has wanted to fuck her for years and that she can tell Josie get aroused everytime she sees her. Caroline then tell Lizzie that she knew something had changed with her since Lizzie has started at every set of tits she see especially her own mothers. Caroline tells the girls that she knew about the incest since she can smell their lust for each other all over them.Caroline then strips and tell the girls they can make it up to her by letting her join on the incest and she will show them what she has learned about fucking women from years of fucking their aunts Bonnie and Elena. They then fuck the sex acts I leave up to you but please have lots of dirty talk about the incest and Lizzie's boob envoy and worship of her mom and sister.

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