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Guest Bronzehawk86

Riverdale: two blossoms and a topaz

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Guest Bronzehawk86

A Riverdale sex story. I would like it to be set in the shows 4th season. So the story starts off with Toni Topaz walking into a room and seeing her girlfriend Cheryl Blossom quietly crying. Toni rush's to Cheryl's side and asks what is wrong to which Cheryl tearfully says that Jason is just so sad. Jason  who has been dead for 4 years, who's corpse had been stolen and expertly restored and preserved by the farm in order to win Cheryl' loyalty. Cheryl has taken to pushing him around in a wheelchair and talking to him like he is alive. Toni finds this disturbing but she is pretty openminded and loves Cheryl so she goes along to make her girlfriend happy. Now Cheryl tells Toni that Jason is jealousy of the love she and Toni share but that Cheryl has a plan to make him feel better if Toni will help her. So now Toni is waiting to enact Cherly's plan, she is slightly drunk and has taken some drugs to make her horny and waits for her girlfriends signal to begin. Cheryl walks into the bedroom where Jason's corpse is now naked and propped up so he is sitting up in bed. Cheryl in a robe that barely covers her sits next to her twin brothers corpse and tells Jason that she knows that he is jealousy of her and Toni's relationship but she has a plan to change all that. Cheryl presses a button and music starts playing. Toni walks in and up to a striper pole that she and Cheryl had installed in the bedroom and use all the time. Toni is wearing sexy lingerie and begins to sedutly strip.  As her girlfriend is striping Cheryl begins to jerk her twin brothers corpses cock as she talks about how hot Toni is. Cheryl talks about Toni's tits and ass saying how big her tits are how fun they are to play with and how she loves slapping Toni's ass. Toni reluctant to do this at first is really getting into it starts really putting on a show.After Toni is naked and playing with herself while looking at the twins Cheryl says now it is her turn. The girls switch places and Toni sits next to Jason's corpse,she is hesitant to touch his cock tell she sees Cheryl take off her robe is and wearing the sexist lingerie Toni has ever seen. As Cheryl begins to strip Toni starts jerking Jason off all the while dirty talking to him. Toni really plays up the incest stuff asking Jason what he thinks of Cherly's tits and saying she bets he would love to suck on his twins pussy or shoving his cock into her tight little pussy and filling it up with incestuous cum. After that Cheryl and Toni scissor in front of Jason all the while talking about how sexy the other one is and how they wish Jason would join them. Cheryl then eats Toni how as Toni tells Jason how good his twin is at eating pussy. Cheryl then climbs on Jason's cock with her back to him and proceeds to fuck herself on it and Toni plays with her clit tell Cheryl squirts all over her girlfriends face and mouth. As Cheryl climbs off her twins cock Toni says her cum tastes as sweet as the Blossoms falmily syrup. The girls then lick Jason cock clean and then share a loving kiss. Cheryl says now they are a happy family.

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