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Guest Bronzehawk86

The Magicians: Quentin's dream comes true

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Guest Bronzehawk86

A sex story for the TV show The Magicians. So I would like the story to take place in the season 5 episode The Wrath of the Time Bees. So in the episode Alice Quinn in her grief tried to make a golem of her dead friend Quentin Coldwater. The spell partly worked it brought Quentin back but as his 12 year old self. Alice tries to dismiss the golem but it won't go away. While Alice is trying to get rid of it Quentin's childhood friend Julia Wicker comes over and discovers what is going on. Julia does some spells and tells Alice that the only way to get rid of Quentin's golem is to make his greatest dream come true. They make a few geeky suggestions but none seem right tell Julia says that when the real Quentin was 12 all he was interested in was sex. The two magicians look at each other and grin. Alice says that it would not be that big of deal to fuck him as she and Quentin had a very active sex life. Julia says that she knows that Quentin had always wanted to fuck her and she feels kinda bad that he never got a chance to. Julia brings up the point that the golem is only 12 to which Alice points out that since it is a golem it is basically a sex toy. Alice then asks which one of them should fuck him. Julia smiles saying that Penny once told her about walking into one of Quentin's dreams and it was about her and Alice fucking and so why not make that dream come true. The two Magicians lead the 12 year old golem to a bedroom and push him on the bed telling him that they are going to make his dream come true. Julia starts striping as she is she tells Quentin that she remembers how 12 year old Quentin could not take his eyes off of her 12 year old self's budding breasts and tight little ass and how she used to get a thrill teasing him. Now fully naked she asks him what he thinks of her full grown body. Alice now starts to strip saying that she and Quentin were lovers and she knows all of his kinks and what turns him on. Alice then takes off her bra releasing her 34D breasts. Alice tells him that Quentin loved her tits how he would squeeze bite pull and pinch them. Alice says he loved it when she would titty fuck him. Alice the lifts up one of her breasts and slowly licks sucks and bites her own nipple and says how she loved it when he coated her tits with his cum as she finish striping. The two woman asks Quentin what he wants them to do first he shyly says he wants to watch them fuck each other. The two woman start slow but quickly give into their desires and wildly fuck each other ending with them 69ing. They then give golem Quentin  a double blowjob. After that Alice titty fucks him and Julia lets him fuck her in the ass. Golem Quentin comes 6 times before he crumbles to dust his dream furfilled. He comes once from the titty fucking,once from fucking Julia in the ass,once from the blowjob,once in each of their pussys and finally he cums on both their faces as he crumbles in to dust. The two Magicians smile cry a little and lick the cum from each others faces. Please have the story have lots of breast play and dirty talk about Alices boobs and how young Quentin is.

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