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Star Wars: Rey gives in

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Guest Bronzehawk86

A Star Wars sex story. I would like it to be set during the Rise of Skywalker movie. This story starts as Rey has gone to Exegol to kill her grand father Emperor Palpatine. Unlike in the movie in this story Rey gave into her anger and killed Kylo. Horrified by what she has done she steals his ship and finds the wayfinder and goes to Exegol instead of going to Luke's island. Rey finds her grandfather a barely living corpse. Palpatine sits on his throne as Rey approaches with her lightsaber drawn.Rey says she is there to kill him but he laughs and say's the real reason she has come is to farfill her destine. Palpatine tells her that she has already taking her first steps to the darkside. He tells Palpatine tells her that he will teach her everything he knows about the darkside and will even give her full control of his empire that she can do whatever she wants as empress all she has to do is bear his child for him to posses.Rey is horffied by this but Palpatine begins telling her all the good things she can do. Him talking could just be made reference because what is really going on is Palpatine is using the darkside to to make Rey feel weak and alone but also using it to make her more aroused everytime she hears his voice or thinks about his plan. Rey quickly gives in with some weak talk about all the good she can do. Palpatine orders her to strip for him. Rey starts doing it quickly but Palpatine shoots force lightning at her feet tell her to do it like she is enjoying it. Rey does and finds she is enjoying pleasing Palpatine tell he say's that he is disappointed by how flat chested she is which brings tears to her eyes. Palpatine seeing this laughs saying that with the power of the darkside she can grow them so big they will match what a whore she really is. Palpatine then uses the force to disrobe himself revealing to Rey his corpse like body. Rey now naked by all rights should be horrified by his disfigured body except for two this one the power of the darkside he is giving off and two his giant corpse like cock. Palpatine then orders her to suck it Rey hesitantly starts but quickly starts worshiping it like the whore she is. All the while Palpatine is degrading her as a failure who is nothing but a Junker whore and how he knows how she would sell her body for just a few extra portions and affection. They then fuck I will leave most of the sex up to you but please have lots of dirty talk from Rey about her being a whore how she loves fucking her grandfather and wanting to be knocked up by him and begging him to use the darkside on her. When Palpatine cums he shoots force lighting into her little titty's. As Rey screams in pain and joy they start to grow tell they are at least a D cup. Rey drops to the ground at her grandfathers feet her pussy leaking his rotting cum as Palpatine tells her that her new tits are a reward from the darkside and she will use them and the rest of her whore body to please him tell the baby is born. Rey looks up at her corpse like grandfather and with her now yellow sith eyes on him brings a handful of his cum from her pussy and eagerly licks them clean saying yes my master.

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