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Game of thrones: Joffret and Cersei rule together

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Guest Bronzehawk86

A Game of thrones sex story. In this story Joffrey has just be come king and is already out of control. His mother Cersei has grown tired of hearing about all the whores Joffrey has brutally raped and killed she is going to confront her son and ordered him to stop. Cersei walks in on Joffrey brutally fucking a girl who is crying in pain and fear and is covered in cuts and burses. Cersei starts to yell but stops transfixed by the sight of her son as has one hand around the girls throat and the over is squeezing her tit so hard he is drawing blood with his finger nails but what she can't take her eyes off are his giant cock that is at least a foot and bigger than her wrists. Cersei most of moaned because suddenly Joffrey looks up and sees her his face goes from shock at seeing her to a cruel smile. Joffrey looks her in the eyes as he cums. Camly Joffrey pulls out.Joffrey still naked takes a seat and asks Cersei what she wants. Cersei then starts to lecture him about what a miss he is making but can't take her eyes off of his cock. Joffrey seeing this smiles and tells Cersei that he can fuck anyone he wants and that she should be on her knee's worshiping his cock. Cersei is angry but thinks that she controlled all the men in her life by sex why should her son be any different and besides he has the biggest cock she has ever seen. Cersei then strips putting on a show for her son and when he is hard again she then gives him a blow job and then they have violent sex. The sex should be them fighting for control but in the end Joffrey wins and Cersei becomes his willing whore. to singal their new partner ship they torture rape and kill the big titted whore. The story could end in them planning on all the naughty things they can do to Sansa and Margaery when they fuck them as the mother and son kill the whore together. Please have lots of breast play and dirty talk about the incest.

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