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Once upon a time: Henry and his loving mom's

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Guest Bronzehawk86

A Once upon a time story. So Regina and Emma are heading to Regina's bedroom for a afternoon fuck fest. As they are passing Henry's bedroom they hear moaning coming from inside. The door is opened a crack and as they peer in they see Henry naked and jerking off. They both gasp seeing the size of Henry's cock and then when he moans out word mom. Emma smiles and whispers in Regina's ear that Henry is clearly talking about her even as she starts playing with Regina's tits and pussy. Regina smiles and say he is talking about both of them since he has both  of there underwear wrapped around his cock. They both go and when Henry sees them he starts to cover up but they both stop him saying that they want them all to be a family together. They then strip and smile as Henry's eyes go wide and his cock quivers. Regina smiles at Henry and tells him he as a great cock as should be expected from a royalty but as a prince he should not be reduced to pleasuring himself. Emma chimes in that he really should not be stealing their underwear. She then asks him which of them is he thinking about. Emma says she bets it is Regina as she seen him constantly looking at her cleavage. Emma then goes up to Regina and starts playing with her tits saying that she can't blame him since Regina loves showing them off and the whole town would love to play with them. Regina smiles and says that Emma's parents certainly had fun playing with them to which Emma gasps and then says how naughty that is before kissing Regina. Henry then watches as Regina spins Emma around and grabs her ass saying how she seen how Henry can't take his eyes off of it when Emma is not looking. Regina then tells Henry that Emma loves being fucked in the ass and how she bets he can hear Emma moan when Regina is fucking her in the ass. They then proceed to suck on Henry's cock and balls. After that Emma gives him as lap dance teasing him with her great ass and then Regina titty fucks him as Emma licks and talks dirty in his ear. After that they fuck. I leave the sex acts up to you but at the end Henry as cum in both of them. After they finish fucking Regina tells Henry that as royalty he can fuck anyone in story brook he wants. Emma smiles and tell her son that he should start with his grandmother Snow white to which Henrys cock immediate hardness at the thought.

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