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Guest Bronzehawk86

Single parents: Girl time

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Guest Bronzehawk86

A sex story for the TV show Single parents. I would like it to be of the characters single mom Angie D'Amato and her friend's daughter Sophie Cooper. So the story would be that Angie and her other single parent friend Will have decided to swap kids for back too school shopping since Angie has a 9 year old son named Graham and Will has a 9 year old daughter named Sophie. While shopping with Sophie Angie decides to pick up some sexy new cloths for herself. When they go to try on cloths there is only one changing room available and Angie always impaction and a rule breaker decides they will just change together. When in the dressing room Angie strips naked when she notices in the mirror that Sophie can't take her eyes off of Angie's sexy nude body. Angie who is really proud of her smoking hot body and having not gotten laid in months decides to have some fun with little Sophie. She bends and stretches and try's on only really reviling cloths but quickly strips them off so she is once again naked. Angie then turns to Sophie and asks why she has not tried on any cloths yet. Sophie blushing strips naked and begins trying on cloths all under the watchful eyes of a naked Angie. When they get back to Angie's house Angie then tell Sophie that she could not help but noticing how Sophie seemed to enjoy looking at her naked. Sophie blushes but Angie quickly tells her there is nothing wrong with wanting to see her naked and that she enjoyed looking at Sophie naked too. Angie then tells Sophie that they can have some special big girl bounding but only if promes not to tell anyone. Sophie quickly agrees and follows Angie to the bedroom where the older woman has them both strip naked.Once naked Angie eagerly looks at the 9 year olds  hard little nipples and bald little pussy and tell Sophie how sexy she is. Sophie blushes and says'no she is not because he does not have breasts like Angie's. The older woman then tells Sophie she can touch lick or suck any part of her body that she wants. Sophie eagerly does pay lots of attion to Angie's breasts and pussy. Angie becoming more and more aroused shoves Sophie back on the bed and then proceeds to bit and suck on the little girls nipples and playing with her pussy tell Sophie comes. Angie then goes and gets a giant strap-on and proceeds to roughly fuck Sophie tell the girls cums. While Sophie is lying there stunned Angie the shoves the little girls face into her pussy and has her eat it tells she comes. After wards Sophie tells Angie sh can't wait tell next time they get to have a girls day.

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