Fallen Heart Broken Soul

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Author: CrimsonMoon1997

Title: Fallen Heart Broken Soul

Summary: Issei hyoudou a normal high school student destined for greatness or so he thought unknown to him his fate was about to take a big step in the wrong direction. Issei x Reynare (Not actually in summary: Any 

suggestions or advice for helping make my summary more presentable would be appreciated)

Feedback: Long or short, every review counts and increase my publishing speed

Fandom: Original

Pairing: Issei Hyoudou/Raynare

Warnings: Anal, M/F, Preg, Rape, Tort, Violence, Oral, BDSM, HJ, Spank, WIP, Other,

Solo story or chaptered story:  Chaptered (My plan was mostly to end the story after the main plot of my story but i was debating on making more chapters after i am done the story Filler chapters and or bonus chapters so to speak.)


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