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Stranger things: lesbian foursome

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Guest Bronzehawk86

A Stranger things sex story.I was thinking that Max and Eleven could have been snooping in Joyce's room when they hear her and Nancy come in they hide in the closet. They watch Them start to fuck with Nancy compliantly dominating a very willing Joyce. They could then get out a strap-on and Nancy could be fucking Joyce from behind. While watching them Max starts to play with herself. Eleven notices and Max takes her hand and has her start rubbing her pussy as she does the same to Eleven. They make a noise and a naked Joyce opens the door and starts yelling at them while Nancy notices where their hands are and their hard nipples seen through their shirts.Nancy says the girls should join them Joyce starts to protest Eleven is silent but Max says hell yes quickly strips and starts making out with Nancy. Joyce still horny decided to make Eleven feel good. After this I leave the sex up to you but I was thinking the sex act could be 69ing and Max fucking Joyce with the strap-on. Please have the story have lots of dirty talk and breastplay.

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