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Detroit become human: lesbian android sex

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Guest Bronzehawk86

A Detroit become human sex story. I would like it to be of Kara and Alice who are both androids having lesbian sex. Kara and Alice who are desperate to get to the safety of Canada need money to bribe there way across the boarder. They end up in a sex club were they agree to have sex with each other for the money. At first Kara flat out refused because how young Alice is tell Alice tells here since they are androids they are really around the same age despite how young she looks. She also tells Kara not to worry because their former owner Todd would make them fuck each other and him all the time but Kara does not remember due to the memory wipe.Kara is hoffied by this but Alice smiles and tells her that them having sex was the best part of living with Todd. Kara agrees to do the show and the mount the stage to cheers. For the first act Kara is gentle and loving with Alice playing up the mother and daughter theme they have going. In the second half Alice takes control being forceful with Kare finally putting on a strap-on fucking her telling that Kara always loved it when Todd would use her like a cheap sex toy. Much to Kara's horror she loves how Alice is using her. You can have them fucking how ever you like but please have them use lots of dirty talk and breastplay. After the show the manger offers them the money or a safe place to live as long as they put on a show a night. The female androids look at each other smile and agree to stay.

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