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Guest Bronzehawk86

Harry Potter:Molly/Ginny

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Guest Bronzehawk86

A harry potter sex story. a young Ginny Weasley being obsessed with her mom Molly's tits.Ginny has always thought of her mom as unattractive tell she accidentally walked in on her mom masterbating.The sight of her ugly mom biting and sucking one breast and the other playing with her pussy was so at odd with the fat older woman made it so much hotter. She starters her moms boobs  all the time doeseverything she can think of to touch them from giving her mom hugs to pretending to brush up against them all the time.She spy's on her mom naked every chance she gets.Molly is well aware of what Ginny is doing and is loving the taboo thrill of it and decided to go ahead and fuck her little girl.She waits tell the two of them are alone and goes to talk to Ginny wearing a thin low cut shit and no bra.Asshe is talking to Ginny she makes sure that her daughter has a great view of her cleavage and hard nipples.Ginny is so busy looking at her moms rack she does not pay attion to the conversation tell she hears her mom say your boobs.Molly tells Ginny that they should go shopping to get Molly a new bra because her boobs are growing so and that she can see Ginny's nipples through her shirt.So saying this she reaches over and and runs her hand on Ginny's breasts brushing the harden nipples causing Ginny to let out a little moan that Molly pretends not to hear.Getting up to leave Molly turns around to pick her wand up off the bed were she left it on purpose.She bends down to pick it up giving Ginny a clear view of her naked tits and looks Ginny straight in the eyes as she does this and then leaves.As soon as her mom is out the door Ginny strips naked and starts masturbating thinking about all she just saw and heard. She pays space attion to her breasts wishing they were as big as her moms.Molly Waits outside the door listing as her daughter starts playing with herself she gives her a few minutes to get going then slips in, Ginny with her eyes closed picturing her mom is shocked when she feels a hand on one of her breasts she looks up and sees her mom smiling at her.She goes to stop and cover up but her mom tells her not to stop and plays with her young tit.Ginny then tells her daughter that she know that Ginny has been spying on her and is obsessed with her breasts.She then tells her daughter that if she wanted to see and touch them all she had to do was ask.Molly then takes off her cloths and grabs her breasts and licks her own nipples and then guides a stunted Ginny to touch her tits.Ginny finally being able to act on her taboo urges wastes know time she grabs pulls sucks bits and pinches her moms tits.While her daughter mauls her tits Molly has one hand playing with her own pussy and the other playing with her daughters..Eventually she guides Ginny to eat her pussy.Ginny is so can't believe that she is about to eat her ugly looking moms pussy but the idea of it is so hot she dives right in. They have sex but I leave that part up to you.I would like Molly to look like the actress who played her in the movies.I would really like it to focuses on how fat and unattractive she is please make it and her big tits the main point of the story.Please be sure it has lots of breastplay and dirty talk about how wrong but how hot the incest is.

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