Not a Bad Thing- M/F D/S Fic

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… I really need to finish stories on here instead of coming out with more WIPs…


Author: KoKoa B

Title: Not a Bad Thing

Summary:  Kennedy Fox met David Smith, an actor who she’s had a slight crush on and things have been set on fast forward from day one. With the two being tied to others, they take the next forbidden step, agreeing to spend time with each other in Las Vegas. However, something comes up and Kennedy finds herself alone in a luxurious suite. Things take a delightful turn when David does show up and he gives her a taste of what he’s really like. It may not be a bad thing after all, this love affair...

Feedback: Yes, please!

Fandom: None, Original

Pairing: Just OCs

Warnings: Dom, Ds, Fingering, MF, OC, Oral, WIP

Solo or Chaptered Story: Chaptered

URL:  http://original.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600109382

Review Reply Thread: 


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