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Guest FutaSansaXLoras

Superior Mystique

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Guest FutaSansaXLoras

Okay so the idea:

  • Celeb/Celeb's; Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romijin
  • Protagonist; Rebecca Romijin
  • Loose Scenario; At a “End of an Era” party before X-Men and Fantastic Four, etc, are handed over to Disney, with cast from the X-Men Films, the Deadpool Films, the Fantastic Four Films all in attendance, Jennifer Lawrence brags about being the most iconic portrayal of Mystique and says some less than charitable things about Rebecca Romijin. Rebecca hears this and calls Lawrence out. They have some sort of competition (arm wrestling, wrestling, a race, pole dancing, lap dancing, whatever) and the stakes are sexual. Rebecca wins and gets to give Jennifer Lawrence a humiliating arsefucking right there in the middle of the party.
  • Kinks/Sex acts; lesbian strap-on arsefucking, humiliation!kink, public humiliation, ass-to-mouth, rimming, domination, oral (Jennifer Lawrence giving oral and receiving none back as part of the domination), spanking
  • Additional Information; catcalling from the party guests, maybe the other guests can deliver to slaps to Jennifer Lawrence’s face, tits, arse and pussy, but no gangbanging, I would like if you kept the focus on Rebecca Romijin wrecking Jennifer Lawrence’s rectum.

Okay so that’s my suggestion. Be cool to see it, I get some people like the JLaw version but I didn’t. Thanks!

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