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gosh what I'm looking for in a beta ( sounds like a dating site)someone who likes long walks on the beach (yup more like it )

well, someone who can be edited and be something like a co-writer for current and etc... stories because I soo get suck too often and would love if some could give ideas and opinion on what should happen to make these stories great.

my stories are 90 to 95 percent original anthro mostly m/m pairing really m/f and anything goes and I do mean anything ~wink~ ( lol)

I use to have one but that was years ago and they were great but I just found some of my old written work in a book and I to finish everything and possibly write more.


this is so funny because it sounds like some dating service thing.

if you can help please email


anyway HELP!!!


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Do you have any current or recent projects you could link to? Might help any prospective betas decide whether to volunteer if they can see whether or not they’d do well with your writing style. I wish you luck!

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