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ASOIAF - Sansa FutaWolf

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Guest FutaSansaXLoras

Posting in TV and Books because I’m happy this being done in either continuity or a merged version.

So there’s a bunch of stories where Robb or Jon die and wake-up back at Winterfell. SOmetime they get special knowledge or abilities. Sometimes all they have are memories and a voice from the Old Gods telling them not to f##k up this time.

This time it’s Sansa and she comes back with a dick. And a will to use it.

First person she nails should be her best friend Jeyne (girl needs some love)

I want Sansa utterly dominating her family.

Sansa x Catelyn and Sansa converting her mother to the Old Gods.

Sansa x Arya and Sansa turning her tomboy sister into a devoted fuckpuppet.

If you don’t want Futa on Male that’s fine, but Sansa should definitely cuck them. But I would really like to see her turn Joffrey into her bitch, and netorare Loras so he’ll convince the Tyrell’s to turn against Renly.

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