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Uzumaki D. Naruto, emperor of the seas

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Guest Draynuy

A little challenge for a Naruto's story : One Piece style or (for those that know of it ) Arcadia style (but with water in place of clouds); but not a true crossover since the only things from this (these) fandom(s) used are the geography and the politic system.

In bref :

- The world is a vast ocean delimited by natural frontiers and with a multitude of island more or less large; there must have something similar to the Grand Line (with both Paradise and New world)

- No devil’s fruits, but the chakra and the jutsus exist, owned by clans and masters spread around the world (but with a large concentration in the “Grand Line” area.

- The Uchiwas have created the equivalent of the Marine and direct the organisation with a iron fist (but there is some black sheep like Itachi)

- Minato is a former marine but now is the the head of the revolutionnary army that want to overthrow the gouvernement and restore a politic more equalitarian.( Minato is more in contact with his familly than Dragon.)

- Naruto sets sail, not to become a pirate but to become a adventurer and a heros of the seas ( a bit like a Robin Hood of the ocean), his crew will be only composed of females and will also be his harem.

- Naruto’s crew / harem:

 – A female Uchiwas, twin of Sasuke and, so, little sister of Itachi : Swordwoman, firstmate / quatermaster, second in command ; she does’nt like the way of live of her familly, she want to understand why Itachi has become rogue (when he was nearly admiral at a young age) and she hope to one day surpase him

 – Hinata : cook, martial artist and third in comand (ever since I have learned the past of Sanji I think that there can be a parallel with the one of Hinata, furthermore it could be interesting to combine juken and Sanji’s style)

 – Hanabi : Navigator, meteorologist, thief and infiltrator (why not mix sanji and nami story ?), she is really close with her sister.

 – Tenten : sniper, weapon mistress and engineer; prefer to fight at distance but is capable in melee

 – Female Konohamaru : ship’s girl, look-out, acrobat

 – Haku : capture and informations specialist, profiler

 – Fuu : shipwright and biologist (faunas, flores and insects)

 – Tayuya : musician

 – Rin Nohara : medic ( she must be close in age with Naruto)

- Naruto must have regular sex with his crew / harem

The story must be composed of three partie : recrutement, paradise and gaining in celebrity / infamy and new world with the resolution.

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Guest ShrimpFriedRice

I like the idea. But instead of Sasuke’s twin it would be better to have his female version instead. Less confrontation between siblings. I really do hope someone would pick up on this.

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Guest Draynuy

Thanks both for the support, I do hope that someone will take the challenge.
And it could Simply be a female Sasuke, it is not prohibed, but when I’ve imagined this challenge, in my head Sasuke take Smoker place

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