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Fem!Naruto becomes slave to Sasuke

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While looking threw the his clan archives for anything to help him kill Itachi sasuke finds a seal from the time of the clan wars that was used by a member of the uchiha  to use to enslave female members of the senji clan and turn them into chakra battery's.  The version the sasuke finds is a more perverted version.

sasuke finds out who the girl  in his class with the highest chakra reserves in the village is and then gets the Village to make a betrothal agreement between Sasuke and Fem!naruto, the third hokage agrees because he see sasuke as mostly harmless and kushina and sasuke mother were friends so he dosnt see any reason to stop it.(the third dosn't know about the seal)


sasuke then goes about training Fem!naruto the way that the Uchiha used to train there sex slaves from the clan wars. Useing seal to do things like the Hikoukai Benjo In no Maku  doujinshi  by Hakaba. And other perverted things 

naruko can't over power sasuke because the seal that turns her into a chakra battery for sasuke drains 90% of her non-vital chakra reserve and gives them to sasuke meaning that sasuke will always have more chakra that Fem!naruto no matter how much her chakra reserves grow in response to the constant chakra drain.


because sasuke is draining 90% of Fem!narutos chakra he should be able to use the shadow clone training method and one of the things he should do is learn seals so he can improve the perverted seals that he uses on Fem!Naruto.


Sauke might also get some other girls like Hinata, Fem!haku and other girls that he can use as breeding stock to rebuild His clan.

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