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Guest CyberDragonEX

Worm - Obedience Training

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Guest CyberDragonEX

So, there is a distinct lack of Worm (by Wildbow) fanfics here.  Infact, there are only TWO - Both one-shots, both by the same author.  So here's what I'd like:

Similar to samsungy's fic "Aisha being naughty", I'd like a fic where Aisha uses her power to spy on and molest Missy Byron/Vista.  She should use her powers to train Missy into being her obediant sex pet, hence the name of the challenge.

The important part is that I'd don't want a single chapter, raped/mind broken plot.  I've seen enough of that.  I want a multi-chapter fic where young, innocent Missy is slowly corrupted into being a willing sex pet.

A good example of what I'm looking for would be the Harry Potter fic Quidditch Lessons by Wildkitsune.  Seduction, manipulation, subtle mind control, etc.

For example, have Aisha slip Missy a Drug that makes her drowzy and unable to resist, then drop her power and sexually assault her/give her a slave lesson.  Afterwards, she lets her power erase her from Missy's memories so that Missy thinks she just had a dream (which she can't even remember much of).  A few 'lessons' like that, and Missy would be reacting exactly how Aisha wants.

One scene I would like to see - When Missy is trained enough that Aisha can Claim her without her trying to run, have missy Kidnap her.  Specifically, I want to see something similar to chapter 10 of Kink Domme Hearts by Veyron, where Missy is strapped into a BDSM outfit, stored in a breifcase fitted to her (with only a tupe to breath through), and wheeled out without anyone noticing thanks to Aisha's powers.

Things I don't want to see - Scat, Vore, Gore, Piss Drinking, and other disgusting kinks like that.

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