Gen or Slash - HP x Fate/Stay Night Crossover

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I don’t think I could do this plot justice. Please feel free to adopt it, but do leave a link so I can read it. 

Summary: Reincarnation is a tricky business. After the fifth Great Grail War, Counter Guardian Emiya Shirou awakens as the infant, Hadrian Evan Potter, the second child of the Potters. On Samhain 1981, James and Lily Potter are murdered by the Dark Side. Leonard “Leo” James Potter is declared the-Boy-Who-Lived, even though Voldemort was not vanquished. No one but Hadrian knows the truth of Voldemort’s-so-called-demise. Lord Voldemort had prepared for the encounter, faking his death. He publicly disappears, while he works to gather more allies and strengthen his forces. The problem with his incarnation is that Alaya considers Albus Dumbledore’s private plans as a threat to mankind. Alaya determines that it wants Voldemort to win, and Hadrian as its Counter Guardian must betray his own brother and fight for the Dark Lord. Hadrian can only put off his betrayal for so long. While Leo is raised by the Dursley family, Lucius Malfoy petitions to take guardianship of the powerful infant, Hadrian Potter. After a mad scramble, it is the Tonks family, who raises Hadrian Potter. However, knowing what the future holds, Hadrian remains emotionally distant from the Tonks family and others.

Slash Pairing: Lucius Malfoy or Severus Snape/Hadrian Potter, One-Sided: Voldemort/Hadrian Potter

There can be other pairings – Both Het and Slash outside of Hadrian’s pairing, however Hadrian must be with a Male or No One at all. 

Please Cross-post of Archive of Our Own. If it is teenager-safe please post on fanfiction dot net as well. This story should be pretty vanilla, ask me questions about content – I will respond. 

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