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Guest Nerobus

Neptunia F/F Dungeon Crawling

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Guest Nerobus

I’m trying to write a story about the main characters of the Neptunia series fighting through a hidden dungeon to save their sisters (and possibly their oracles as well). I’m fine with doing most of the heavy lifting if all you’re interested in is discussing the broad concepts. But if you’re interested in a more involved collaboration, I’ll be very happy to listen, compromise, and generally work with you.

The dungeon would contain hazards like cursed equipment and traps, both with heavy bdsm themes, with one of the main dynamics being that each curse sprung could make it more difficult to avoid the traps and other hazards. The story would also contain heavy elements of non-consent, possibly including outright rape. Other than that, my only hard limits are no straight or m/m sexual encounters, no hard gore, and no scat. (watersports and nonhuman encounters are okay)

I’ve written a weekly thing for what’s approaching a year, but nothing more beyond random dabbling, so I’m probably a bit inexperienced. In general, I’m someone who can’t enjoy lewd stuff without some kind of semi-serious plot behind it, so if you’re looking for a story that jumps right into the hardcore stuff, I can’t help you. If you’re still interested, but not especially familiar with the Neptunia series, I’m willing to work around that.

Lastly, if you prefer to contact me directly, I’m available at

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