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"The Boy I Hate" by by Taylor Sullivan

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Guest naruturd

Anyone interested in co-authoring a fanfic for the book The Boy I Hate by Taylor Sullivan? Ever since I played/read it on Chapters:Interactive Stories I can’t seem to get enough and was thinking of writing a sequel fanfic to it and thought it’d be fun to write it with a coauthor. I have the basic idea lined out in my head (and in a Google doc) but nothing too solid and I’m really looking for someone who is good with words, to keep me on track (sorry for my ADD induced tangents in advance), and can help me type it all out.

The whole thing would be a rom-com, with slight drama, Tristan/OFC fic (Sam is dead-RIP) that takes place roughly a decade after TBIH ends.

I’m thinking we would communicate primarily via email and a shared Google doc (with the occasional Facebook chat sessions whenever our busy schedules allow). Doing it this way has worked in the past with me when I’ve coauthored other fics and done role-plays with friends online. We can bounce ideas off of each-other about how we see everything going and what all will go in to each chapter.  I work best as a muse of sorts, floating ideas and plot twists around while my coauthor usually does the bulk of the writing to make it more coherent before we finalise it and post to the site.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in please hit me up by responding to this post.

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