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Guest Meghanav3

Stories Based on The Pack, Seeing Red and Chosen.

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Guest Meghanav3

1) The first story I actually saw something similar and was really kind of bummed that it was never finished. So was hoping that someone might be able to create a story/fan fictions and keep it going. The story idea is that an alternate idea of the episode Seeing Red. Anya trying to get back at Xander for dumping her at the alter ends up casting a spell where Xander ends up hurting Buffy that night instead of Spike. (I know Xander would never hurt Buffy, but it seemed like an interested idea for a story and wanted to read it. There is the whole backstory of Xander having feelings for Buffy, but never reciprocated them. Plus his anger with his because of his affair with Spike and add in Anya wanting to hurt him because she broke his heart. Seemed like a really good mix for a angsty will the scoobies survive this?) If anyone is interested in trying it just me know and we can talk.

2) The other Story I had in mind was once about Xander from The Pack and all the trouble he can and will get into understand the influence as a hyena. Would love to see someone making his truly evil or get him in so much trouble. I liked him as the hyena in that episode and would like to see him have more fun on the influence.

3) The last story bit more fluffy. In the final episode there was this small scene of Buffy and Spike together after Buffy finished his speech to the girls and then went back to the high school. I'm sure there are some already on the site, but really haven't found any. Just want to believe that that last scene Buffy and Spike spent one last night together before the end of the world. Would love to have someone be able to write that out.

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