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Training Island and CRA

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Guest Draynuy

In place to be sent with Jiraya on a Training trip, Naruto is sent on a secret island to do his three year training. Furthermore, since the village would like to see the rebirth of the Uzumaki clan, several girls, who have showed interest in Naruto, are sent with him as body-gard and training-partner, in the hope that Naruto chose one or more of them as future wifes.

They will obtain more than they have awaited seeing as the island was once owned by the Uzumaki who used it as mating and enhancing ground. Indeed the island, impregned of natural and bijû's chakra, has the property to lower the modesty and the inhibitions of the inhabitants while simultaneaously augment their libido and hidden potentials with sometimes some mutation. The Uzumaki rarelly used the island more than two or three months, generally as “honeymoon”; it was the secret of their vitality and wildness.

What will happens now that Naruto and several girls are there for three years ?


Other detail: The ninjas graduate from the academy and become genin around fifteen or sixteen years old with an more rounded education.

The girls who join Naruto are :

- Hinata: she has show interrest in Naruto since their sixth or seventh year of age, she has became his friend during academy and they are teammates.

- Hana Inuzuka (replace Kiba as classmate) : partage a passion for animals with Naruto, she is also the third teammate of Naruto.

- Tenten : Naruto and her meet during a join training and they discover that they have a mutual passion for kenjutsu and fuinjutsu, Tenten has a crush on Naruto since then.

- Haku : during the wave mission they have met earlier and more times since then, at the end of the mission Naruto save her and convince her to go with him to Konoha, she is in love since then.

- Hanabi (just one or two year younger than Hinata): begins to admire Naruto after his Victory against Neji, admiration turn in crush after Naruto’s Victory of a second Chunin exam. She graduate a bit after this second exam but her team is failed and she is placed in reserve.

- Fuu : She is saved by Naruto during a mission between the two chunin exams, since they partage the same burden they became quicly close.

All are chunin when they arrive on the island, except Hanabi who is genin and Haku who is special jonin.

The Island contains all the accommodations possible : a large and luxurious estate with a private onsen, several training grounds, a large Library full of  ninja scrolls, an orchard, several garden, water full of fish and a securised forest full of beasts and chakra mutations to test oneself.


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