S0 puzzleship challenge

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This is my first Yu-gi-oh yaoi challenge.


My challenge is a Puzzleshipping challenge but not just any puzzleshipping,  it a AU season zero puzzleshipping with the theme bullying.   I want Yugi to be the victim and Yami to be the bully that picked on Yugi.  It got to be explicit in.  The plot is that Yami bullying Yugi since day one of their high school and Yugi got a huge crush on Yami.  But unknown to Yugi,  Yami is smitten in love and lust with Yugi but taught that loving a male is wrong.   There is field trip challenge  that their go to and their got separated from the other students (the side pairing are Bronzeshipping and Tendershipping)  What kind of field trip?  That you to decide,  it got be a happy ending in it.  The kinks that include are:  Oral,  Anal,  Angst,  Hurt/comfort,   UST,  Bondage,  BDSM , Rough sex,  Soft sex,  Foreplay,  Love and passion,  Consensual Nonconsent,  MPreg,  Orgasm denial,  a dash of NonCon,  Simultaneous orgasm and finally Trust and Vows.  The kinks are not wanted in this challenge are: Scat,  Watersport and bestiality.   I hope my challenge is not too much for you to handle. 

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