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Guest Draynuy

Of Cards, Jewels and Sex

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Guest Draynuy

Harry Potter and Cards Captor Sakura crossover, along with a character from golden sun dark dawn (Sveta) and one character from Highschool DXD (Koneko)

Main paring : Harry X Sakura X Tomoyo
Secondary pairing : Harry X Hedwig X Sveta X Koneko
Others occasional pairings : Sakura X Hedwig X Sveta X Koneko X Tomoyo; Sakura X the spirits of her cards; Harry X the cards‘ spirits; Tomoyo X the cards’ spirits
Background pairing : Toya X Yukito, Anthony X Kaho Mizuki, others canon pairings


When Clow Reed separate his soul into two new souls, a third little fragment was formed; this fragment wander into the inbetween until it is snatched and merged with the future soul of one Harry Potter.

When Anthony awakes, he becames aware of this fragment but all he could see that it will be involved with his successor and it will retard the original timeline, as such Anthony decides to stay not the same age than Sakura but the age of a Young proffessor, he decides also to send some basic magical books to Sakura at the time when she should have found Clow's Book.

For Harry, after the Halloween’s night, Dumbledore, not sensing Voldemort soul shard in him, decide to raise him and train the boy himself with the aid of Sirius and Remus. Harry, thanks to Clow’s soul fragment, grows quickly in magical powers and in knowlegdes but he has a rather lonely childhood, his only companons are his three familiars : Hedwig, his white owl, Sveta his magical white she-wolf and Koneko his little white nekomata.

When Voldemort finaly and definitively died, at the end of Harry 's supposed fifth year, Harry is already past NEWTs level and decide to travel. He arrives in China, where he meets Yelan Li who quickly develop a mother ‘s affection for him (Shaolan must be a Young baby) and initiate him at the oriental style of magic (for this challenge there no magical schools in Far East). Months later, Yelan sense the imminent release of the Clow’s cards and ask Harry to go help and protect the future card-master; thus, on the first april of this year, Harry is a freshman at the Lycee of Tomoheda in the same class that Sakura Kinomoto and Tomoyo Daidouji.


Others détails:

Harry, Sakura and Tomoyo are 16 years old at the beginning of the story, they must become close rather quickly

Tomoyo must also have magical powers, she has trained with Sakura since they are 10 or 11.

There must be more than 19 cards maybe not 52 like in the anime but more than in the manga, some of the cards like to show their affection to their master or the close friends of their master, particulary in a sexualy manner.

When Sakura captures a card, Harry gets a fragment of Clow’s memory, with it Harry manages to give a human form to Hedwig, Sveta and Koneko. When Sakura (re)creates her own cards, Harry create his own magic in the form jewels (sealed or junctioned) or in the released form of Djinn (from Golden sun).


That's all I can think of; have fun and found a good balance between sex scenes and story.

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