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Guest T_B

The Miami trip

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Guest T_B

The name of the characters can be changed to any thing you want

My name is Mike I'm 19 years old my mom Amy and dad John are happily married they have been friends since they were kids in highschool they started dating and when they were 18 mom got pregnant with me I also have a little sister her name is Kate she just turned 18 and wants to go to Miami mom and dad paid for the trip to there and I got a "hotel" for us the "hotel" is more like a house on a beach with no other buildings around it for a couple of miles the first night there the four of us went out drinking none of us remember anything I awoke in my room with a wedding ring on my finger my mom in a very revealing wedding dress and marriage certificate with both our names on a dresser my little sister had drunk text me to take her virginity with a nude picture attached and dad missing so began the quest to find him.

What else happens is up to you but what I don't want is for Mike and Amy to get a divorce or any other guy having sex with her, some other guy taking Kate's virginity she can have sex with other people if you want or she can just have sex with her brother as his mistress.

Your choice what happened to John and if you don't want Mike can have sex with other women on the quest to find John

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