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Guest kvothe

Ned and Cat get humiliated by wildlings (ASOIAF)

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Guest kvothe

This would be set several years after Robert’s Rebellion, but several before the beginning of the series, but is considerably AU as will become apparent.

So, Catelyn was scared on her wedding night, so Ned suggests they wait till after the war to consummate their marriage. Cat however is so pissed when Ned brings Jon Snow back, she refuses to have sex with him. Several years later, and Ned and Cat are beginning to love one another (but have still yet to have sex), but the couple are captured by Wildling raiders and brought north of the Wall to Mance Rayder. Catelyn gets stripped and examined in Mance’s tent, and her maidenhead is found to be intact. It quickly becomes apparent to Mance and the wilding leaders, just how sexually inexperienced Ned and Cat are.

Mance – who thinks there is some political value in Ned getting Cat pregnant with a real Stark heir – allows that Ned will eventually be the only one allowed to have vaginal intercourse with his wife. But the wildling leaders will be allowed to do anything else sexually they wish with the virgin Lord and Lady of Winterfell, for the time they remain hostages. Mance however decrees that Catelyn’s maidenhead – as well as her oral and anal virginities – will go the wildling who beats the others at single combat, and that Ned will be forced to watch his beautiful wife get fucked for the first time.

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