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Game of Thrones Ponygirl story

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Guest Seeker

A game of Thrones story were Arya, Sansa, Margaery ,Asha/yara, Daenerys, Myrcella, Ygritte and Tyene Sand are turned into ponygirls.

maybe have it be cause by a perverted wish granting device 

Like have after a Fight between Arya and Sansa makes a wish along the lines that she wishes that she didn't have a sister anymore,catelyn stark wishes that Arya was more of a lady and  Arya wishes that she didn't have to do Lady like things and Then Arya wakes up in ponygirl bondage and her ponygirl name is Lady that she gets branded on her bottom.and everyone but Arya see nothing wrong with her being a ponygirl.

Maybe have Sansa make some sort of wish about being a princess and then She gets turned into a ponygirl  with the Ponygirl name being Princess and Sansa joins Arya in being able to realise that they should not be ponygirl

maybe have The wish granting device gain more power the more wishes it grants If you want to you could have the Wish granting device Grant Catelyn wish to get ride of Jon snow by turning hims into a ponyboy named prince

Maybe have Ygritte make a wish to be away from the Threat of White walker and appear in Winterfell stables were Lady,Princess and What ever you call Jon are being kept and have no one see anything wrong with a new pony girls Appearing 

For Margaery have it grant her wish of being Queen by turning her into a Ponygirl Nicknamed Queenie

Ect you get the idea girls in game of thrones make Wishes and then the wish is granted by Turning them into Ponygirls

maybe have the ponygirl bondage equipment be enchanted so that they don’t get Effected by the elements and stuff like that maybe also a Buttplug that vanishes bodily waste. Clit and Nipple rings for the Girls and A cockcage for Jon. that is put on him after he is found having Sex with one of the pony girls Fore more general stuff there should be armbinders for all other then as well as ponyboots and Ring gags( and maybe keep the girls Lactating threw magic so they can be milked)

maybe have the Ponygirls(and boy if you include Jon) be used to pull Cersei Wheel house back to kings landing when Ned becomes Hand of the king

note :everyone should still recognise who The girls and Jon are they should just see nothing wrong with the girls suddenly being ponygirl so say if Myrcella on the way back from Winterfell makes a Wish about not wanting to have to ride in the Wheel house No one  apart from Myrcella would notice anything different when she the next day she Joins the rest of the Ponygirl pulling the wheel house

People should also not see anything wrong with Doing anything Sexual with a Ponygir as long as they pay its Owner so LittleFinger should still take an interest in Princess(Sansa) and Ned as her Owner should not see any Problem Selling Sansa virginity to him. Because they are ponygirls Ned could even go as far as Selling Ponygirls to Different People after all If Robert wants to By Lady(Arya) because she remind him of Layana stark who is need to say no (if he even can after All Lady is just a Ponygirl not his Daughter.) maybe have Catyln be the one to Sell Princess(Sansa) to littefinger after all he is her all Friend.

Mabye have A royal Ponygirl Stable set up in The Red keep were by royal decree all ponygirl most be Housed so that Cersei can Keep the new Ponygirl Myrcella and her Her Ponygirl friend closes 

Maybe as entertainment for the tormentor for Ned becoming Hand of the King Have Jon and one of the Ponygirls be forced to “mate(they are ponygirls now” infront of the crowd as entertainment 

anyway that got very long very quickly last thing maybe have the Girls be lead around by Leash attached to there Clit ring

no scat,Watersports,snuff,gore,ect.

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Guest Guest

Maybe during a  meeting of Small Council One of the topics that could come is is how much money the crown treasury  is saving that Robert used to spend on whores now. and how The crown buting Lady(Arya) was a very good decision.

Another thing that could come up is LittleFInger thanking Catlyn for selling him Princess(Sansa) and how popular she is at his Whore house.

Maybe also Have members of the Royal family,Great Houses and the Small Council  get in the Habit of being transported around in a buggies pulled by ponygirls.I don’t know who I would feel more sorry for Lady(Arya) who would be pulling around Robert all the time or who ever Joffrey and Cersei Used as there personal Ponygirls.

also a Scene were Olenna Tyrell the Queen of Thorns trying to negotiation A breeding between Margaery and Jon

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