Harry is forced Feminized by a girl

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On 1/16/2018 at 5:49 AM, TheWingedDragonofFuta said:

Thanks, make sure to send the ideas I put in my prior posts as well.

I'll come up with some more ideas in the mean time, time to put the kink hat on.

I have not heard from the guy so I think we will need to find someone else to write the fic. 

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Guest Naru5
2 hours ago, TheWingedDragonofFuta said:

Crap... well let's hope someone else comes along

Yeah someone else could always we post the challenge

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Guest 1234
On 12/30/2017 at 9:15 PM, Guest Fauxfox said:

I'm actually very interested in taking this up myself, I've only ever written personal stories but I've been thinking about writing a full fledged forced feminization story for awhile now.

I've always had this idea floating in my mind: A story where Harry is slowly transformed into a slut by Luna somewhere between his 4th and 5th year. Luna is an ideal choice for me since she can easily be portrayed as an unhinged character while still maintaining her canon personality.

Basic plot outline: Luna has been used and abused by her classmates since her second year, culminating in her becoming something of a cheap lay used almost exclusively by the slytherins. She's come to accept her lot in life and has even learned to enjoy her treatment, though she is still friendless and lonely. In comes Harry who, after befriending her, develops a bit of a crush on Miss Lovegood. While Luna is flattered she quickly finds that he is unable to "measure"up to his slytherin rivals and decides she would much rather have her first friend share in her favorite pastime instead. 

I'm thinking of a nice and slow story where Luna mercilessly, because she in true loony fashion believes it best, transforms Harry into a submissive slut. Working off your idea for marriage training, how about a character like Malfoy encouraging Luna to train Harry with the promise of allowing both of them to become his mistresses once he is married? 

I would like to possibly find a co author since this would be my first real story.



Hermione could probably also work in someway and her doing this to Harry feels almost fitting 

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Guest bbpr
On 3/28/2018 at 8:03 PM, Guest Story said:

When this story is up can't wait to read it but we're are you posting it

We need to wait for someone else to pick it up 

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Guest Hermione
On 12/29/2017 at 1:30 AM, Naru5 said:

Any girl  can Feminizes Harry Ginny was just my example 

Ginny sick of Harry ignorin  her captures him the summer before 5th year. She strips him of his magic. She then forces him to wear girls clothes and eat salad in place of as must lose weight. Ginny conditions him into liking boys and she slowly break him. He is forced to read books aimed at girls. She gives him a new girly name and He is kept at home (no more Hogwarts) where he is trained in the skills he will need to be a proper housewife one day. 

Harry must resist in the beginning before he is slowly broken and made into a submissive girl. By the end he has no trace of his former self left in him and is planning his wedding day. Must be drawn out and contain Ginny  brainwashing him into his new role.

Can include BDSM type Punishment for non feminine behavior and brainwashing.

How all this is done is up to you as long as it’s this premise. In fact anyone can do it to Harry. Ginny, Molly, Hermione any female character. 

Perhaps have Hermione do it. A little different from what you wanted but he can attend Hogwarts as a girl where Hermione can train. Force him to read witch weekly and take classes that will help him learn to use magic to please his husband one day  

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