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Naruto is the prince of Uzushio kingdom, the heir of the Senju research corporation (owned by his grandmother and managed by his father), and he is the godson of the owner and manager of the Icha Icha Edition Interprise, only he doesn’t want to be know for that and since the puplic figures of these societies are not really known and that he don’t shout it on the roof, he manage to pass for a nice and laidback guy, if somewhat rich and with knucklehead tendancies.

When it is time for the blond to enter University and that he wants to try to live outside of the familial cocoon, he discovers that his parents and godparents have decided to buy him a little mansion (complete with onsen, several chambers, a dojo, a garden, several unindentified rooms and a large kitchen associate to a equally large living room), free of charge, as good luck wish.

Unwilling to live alone in such a large house, Naruto pass an annonce for house share. He finds immediately some housemates, but curiously only girls:

Tenten, his childhood friend and also his partner / rival at their art martial and weapons club, she has some problems with her ancient landlord and accept Naruto’s proposition with pleasure.

Hinata, a shy girl that Naruto remembers having some play-dates with her when they were children, she has practically been disowned by her clan and she searches a place to escape their influence.

Haku, a girl from water country that has travelled with her adoptive father for a long time but wish to settle on for some time, she is a nice girl but her father, and her by association, seems to have a troubled past.

Fuu, a wild child that seems to have been exiled from waterfall country for some reasons but her personality and character seem to click with the residents of the Uzumaki household.

And later, Hanabi, the little sister of Hinata that want to live with her sister. She has run away from a overbearing father and an invasive clan.

All seemed to goes alright but quickly love and lust grow between all the girls and Naruto, how the live in the uzumaki mansion will devellop, especially when the girls will learn than polygamy is perfectly legal in Uzushio kingdom.

For other détails Naruto and the girls are between 18 and 20 years old, Hanabi has 16 years when she arrives.

Hanabi catches, and later spies, Naruto, her sister and the others girls having sex several time before she decide that she want to join the fun.


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