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Fem!Harry the cumdump

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Fem!Harry getting Turned into Rons (and Hermiones) willing whore the way that Hermione was In madcow's god of time story that has since been deleted .

Have Fem!Harry starts off being  given a special weasley potion like hermione was in God of time and then have her go on to pierces her own nipples and clit because it would please Ron(& hermione) and then get a tattoo on her stomach that reads “cunt one sickle” with an arrow pointing at her pussy and a tattoo on her back that read “ass two sickles” and a third tattoo for her tits.

over time fem!harry grades should start to down like hermiones did in God of time.

Of of the People that should be part of the group that Ron(& hermione) whore Fem!Harry out to is Snape with them doing this like putting a didldo on her seat in potion class that she has to move up and down in order to reach things the way that Snape and Draco did to hermione in purebloods charm.

if you want it you could have the story have a bad ending by makes it so that because of what Ron(& hermione) did to Fem!Harry Voldemort wins but he is so amused by what has become of fem!Harry that he keeps her alive a a broken pet to he parades around.

Luna  might join Fem!Harry as  one of Ron(&hermiones)whores  if she wanders to close to the Borrow and find out what's happening to fem!Harry.

If hermione is involved she should be a bit of a sadist who is into humil and orgasm denial. And she should be obsessed with finding  different ways to torment Fem!Harrys clit  with her doing things like attaching a leash to Fem!Harry clit ring or putting itching powder on her clit while she is in some sort of full body bondage with. Only her month being unbound and her clit exposed. With a sign being beside Fem!Harry along with some tools to scratch her clit or more itching powder with the sign asking people to scratch Fem!Harry clit or add more itching powder depending on what they think of her begging.

Fleur and the other Weaslys wife's should also join in on the torment. Mabye have Mrs. Weasley be into CFNF and have  her make Fem!Harry do the cleaning around the borrow naked while  every one else watches her. With Mr weasley also likeing it because Fem!harry being made to clean the muggle way Mr weasley might also be into other Muggle things.

Dobby could also get into it as well after even going as far as to ask dumbledore for a pay rise so he can pay for more turns with Fem!Harry being the first elf to dominate a witch.

that got a long.

no scat,snuff, gore, or vore.

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Many have madam pomfrey be in on it and give her an in fetish for selling fem!Harry stomach inflated with either cum from people cumming in her ass or enamas that Madam pomfrey gives her when she is in the hospital wing over night that madam pomfrey makes Fem!Harry beg her to relase the spell(or romove the enchanted buttplug) the keeps the cum or enama inside.

mabye also have people pay there sickles by putting them in Fem!Harrys ass or pussy and have them be spelled to only be able to come out when one of the Weaslys(or there wife's  ) pull her clit ring. With Ron calling her his slot machine because when he pulls on her clit money comes out.


manye have each of the weasleysand there wives have there own kinks that that use Fem!Harry for:

Mr Weasleys being muggle things from bondage gear to punishments like canning

mrs weasley CFNF with her likeing to make Fem!Harry server her family naked 




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