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Marge's drunken mistake

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Guest T_B

The story starts with Homer taking Bart and Lisa to the power plant for Take Your Kids To Work Day he didn't take Maggie cuz of the age restriction that mr. burns put on the day has to be at least 7 years old Bart ended up going into a radiation room for prank then they got home Lisa got picked up by Otto and Principal Skinner for a school activity that takes a few days with the smartest kid in school and Homer left to go to Moe's after dinner Marge upset with Homer for not wanting to spend time with her ended up getting drunk at home she got so drunk she ended up having sex with Bart the next morning when Marge woke up naked with Bart and realized what happened the night before she laugh out loud I scream with Bart at school Marge was worried what Homer thought when he came back but she got a call from him apologizing for not coming back last night after getting so drunk that Moe locked him in the bathroom at night just so he wouldn't drive home Marge pick up Bart early to talk to him about last night and how he can't tell anyone what happened Bart sees this as an opportunity he tells her that if she wants him to not to tell anyone she has to do two things one she has to start keeping her hair down and from now on every day whenever he wants she has to have sex with him and she reluctantly agrees.

The radiation makes Bart's dick huge.

Marge has a shaved pussy.

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