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Guest Elliot D. Hughes

Katie Kazoo?

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Guest Elliot D. Hughes

Okay, so I don't know how many people out there actually remember the Katie Kazoo Switcheroo series but I remember them pretty well. I'd like to request a story involve Katie Carew (the main character in the book) having her friend Jeremy bet that he can't turn her into the school’s biggest slut by the end of next week; starts with her, reluctantly, giving him a blowjob behind the school, and by the end she's having a massive orgy with the entire boys soccer team and promising sex to every kid (boy or girl) in school. You can do whatever you want between point A and point B with the main focus being Katie's gradual transition into being a cum-addicted whore but I have some guidelines: 1) the characters MUST remain their canonical ages (willing to go as high as 12, but sticking comfortably to around 9 or 10 works best), 2) absolutely no violence, gore, scat, or water sports (though, bonus points if you can somehow include bestiality, spanking, or underwear; I'd say impregnating but I feel like that's crossing the line and not to mention a bit unrealistic), 3) somehow including Katie's other friends into this (either getting them roped into her steep fall as additional sex slaves or, I don't know, a slumber party chapter where Katie and her friends have sex; up to you) is a-ok in my book but it’s not mandatory for the plot. 

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