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Dirty Santa

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Petunia is going to take Dudley to see the mall Santa, but with not having anyone to watch Harry she has to take him with. While in line to see Santa, Dudley sees something he wants at a store nearby. Unable to deny her Dudikinns anything, Petunia tells Harry to hold their spot in line. When it's their turn to see Santa and Harry doesn't see his relatives back, he excitedly sits in Santa's lap for the first time. The Santa notices Harry is alone and is quite cute. He decides to take advantage of the kid and invites him for a "spcial gift" in the back. Harry goes and waits for Santa. The man eventually has his way with Harry. 
After realizing that Harry doesn't have a decent life with his family, he decides to take Harry with him. At least with him, the kid will have a better life.



-Harry no younger than 7
-No rape, more like coercion until Harry starts enjoying it 
-Must be original character
-Harry riding Santa at some point 
-Santa feeling Harry up while Harry is telling Santa what he wants 
-Santa actually giving Harry a gift afterwards
-Maybe a male elf watching and masterbating to what they're doing 


Do Not Want 

-Hard Kinks

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