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Hi, guys! You know the drill: I have a new story!

Author: KoKoa B

Title: Unconventional

Summary: An exiled alien lands on Earth and realizes that she has super powers. As the super heroine, Karma, she saves a woman, Cassandra from committing suicide. Although the two bump heads, Tzayzeh/Zay/Karma is trying her hardest not to fall in love with the human woman. All Cassandra wants is to be left alone but the idiotic alien seems to be everywhere. The only thing she’s doing is making Cassandra’s head hurt… as well as question her sexuality.

Feedback: Only if you feel the need to although at this stage, I already know that it’s a draft and needs working on…

Fandom: None. It’s another Original :o 

Pairing: OC/OC: Tzayzeh/Cassandra

Warnings: (Some may disappear): Bi, FF. Fingering, MiCD, OC, SH, WIP, Xeno

Solo Story or Chaptered: Chaptered

URL: Unconventional

Review Reply Thread: KoKoa's Review/Discussion Board

Again, I want to remind everyone that this is a rough draft. I know that there will be screw ups and it will be worked on after NaNo and the holidays. I still appreciate feedback, however. :) Updates will be sporadic. And, if you’re reading Soundwaves, then yes: those characters make an appearance in this story. I like to thank Chrissy Quinn for coming up with the cities of Perdition Falls and Ashhaven, my cover for the story and your overall help in fleshing out one of the characters! 

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