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Star Trek Adventurer

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Author: tcr

Title: Star Trek: Adventurer 

SummaryCadet Fourth Class Takala zh’An just wants to graduate.  But 2410 is a strange time.  The Second Klingon War has just finished; a Dominion Fleet reappeared at Deep Space Nine; and two Dyson Spheres lead the way into the Delta Quadrant for exploration…  And attacks.  Her Midshipman cruise just got a lot more interesting.

Feedback: Always appreciated.  Constructive criticism is definitely welcome :)

Fandom: Games-Star Trek (Star Trek Online)

Warnings: F/F, Angst, MCD, MiCD, Violence, Nosex

Solo story or Chaptered: Chaptered


Review Reply thread



Well, here's a first, a fan fiction...  Takes place in the Star Trek Online universe, scenarios and situations from there.  It is currently a nosex story, but it may ultimately change in the future and tags will be amended to reflect that.  

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