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The Stepfather

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What if Sasuke became Naruto's stepfather after the Hokage forced Kushina to become Sasuke's wife to help in restoring both the Uchiha and the Uzumaki clans?


Sasuke and Naruto: 16 years old

Kushina: 36 years old


1-Naruto, Sasuke and Kushina live in the same house.

2-Kushina against the marriage but forced by the Hokage, she is not slut who will do anything for Sasuke but he will force her.

3-In the wedding night Sasuke open the bedroom’s door to let Naruto hear his mother's moans and screams.

4-in the morning Sasuke fuck Kushina in the kitchen and the shower even when Naruto in the house.

5-Sasuke brings other women like Anko in his bed and force Kushina to join them.

6-Wife swap, Sasuke force Kushina to sleep with other men, like Asuma and Kurenai for example.

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