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Buffy - Indecent Proposal Girlpeenis style

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Guest cashewQueen

This is something that I have gleaned off of the movie Indecent proposal and something that I have created as a challenge for the gkm but have decided to try it out in the Buffy verse. I think it would be intriguing to read a story based off of this challenge

Human Angel and Faith are married and going through financial troubles. Swallowing her pride and going behind Angel's back she goes to Buffy Summers (lawyer, mob, Heiress) for some money. Buffy has been lusting after Faith since High school and not looking a gift horse in the mouth agrees with an ultimatum.

Bonus like to be used: "I will give you the money, Faith. On the condition that you give me three kids in the next five years." Buffy smirked deviously.

Desperately Faith agrees.

After a full nighter with Buffy, Faith realizes what an orgasm is.
Angel spies and listens to Buffy and his wife having sex he angrily cries while masturbating to them
Buffy is queen of Dirty talk, and Faith gets off harder with each dirty sentence that is spoken
Faith gets pregnant quick with Buffy’s kids and has more than three
When Faith is with angel the only thing that she can think of is Buffy to get to an orgasm

Extra Bonus:

Buffy has a penis that is double the size and thickness of Angels

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