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Guest T_B

The sext that changed everything

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Guest T_B

Any names can be changed

The main character is Dave he's 18 years old what he looks like is up to you his room is in the basement he has a sister who's 19 she her room is in the attic his mom is 37 she's a MILF with long hair and D cup breasts his father is out alot due to his job

Dave was texting a female co-worker she has a boyfriend but Dave thinks that she is too good for him and is trying to seduce her when he felt like he was about to get her he decided to send her a nude picture to her only problem is that he didn't realize that he was no longer in the texts that he and she was in but in the texts that he sent to his mom long with the picture he sent a text which said something like this I showed you me why don't you show me your sexy body after a few seconds he got the message that said something like this do you really want to see me he replies that he does after a minute he gets a text that confuses him it said don't show anyone especially your father or sister the answer came to him when he got a picture of his mom completely naked letting him see her shaved pussy completely forgetting about his co-worker he started to sext with his mom after dinner Dave was doing the dishes because it was his turn he sees his sister leaves making it so only him and his mom was home deciding he wants his mom he goes to her as she was in her bathroom taking a shower and convinces her to let him join her she reluctantly agrees he nearly got to fuck her but she stopped him she suggested giving him a blowjob after cumming in her mouth she goes to her room but he follows unable to resist her son's advances anymore she did what she never thought she do cheat on her husband during the story the mom reveals to Dave that in all her life she only has seen in real life or did anything with a dick with two men his father and him not only that but that he is bigger than his father and better than him

Your choice what else happens it's up to you but I would like it if this story was a few chapters long

Optional he can end up getting his sister to if so I would like a threesome with them 

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