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Guest yuurimaoh

Tuesday Staff Meetings

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Guest yuurimaoh

Tuesday Staff Meetings (found here- ) is a fairly random story that came about after a plot prompt by author Cia that stated “Today is the big day for you. Everything seems to be going well until you dropped your pen, bend over, and your pants split. With your meeting about to start what pants are you now forced to wear?” ...and the rest just naturally fell into place.


Sadly, I don’t have artwork for them yet. However, I did some shoddy photo-manipulations for examples on how they could possibly look-

Seth and Liam:

Michael (mostly because of the smirk):


Chapter 1-12 Review Responses-

From rag3_and_lov3 on April 17, 2017 : I I'll admit, this story is cute. I like it. in fact I kinda want to see more. like right now. keep it up, this has some pretty great potential. 

Thirdly: Though this started out as a story reaction to a prompt, it’s become it’s own little monster.

From ramblingrobin on April 28, 2017: This is so cute! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I adore their banter and I was grinning the whole time. Very yay. Xoxo Robin

Thirdly: I strive for a smile at least every other chapter, if not every chapter!.

From Alexandria on May 07, 2017: Freaking adorable as usual! I love that kissing between them is so hot. And I also love that, even though Liam is the pursuer of this relationship, Seth moves it along sexually at his own pace. That's also very sexy. Keep up the good work!

Thirdly: Yes, Liam is pretty devoted.

From cooljeans on June 02, 2017: This story is cute, keep it up.

Thirdly: Glad you’ve enjoyed it thus far!

From Antiki on August 16, 2017: I am still following the story~ though I couldn't read or comment for some weeks -.- I am loving Michael and how he gets away with his pranks, for now ... <3  Can't wait to see what sort of punishment he'll get for those xD Maybe his bro and Liam will flash him some backsides? You know, sear his eyes, corrupt him, etc, untill he screams like a little girl and runs off or switches teams ... um I think I'll show myself out of the review box now.  Cya around <3

Thirdly:  I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the story so far! And Michael will definitely regret all his teasing when he’s a little older, what goes around comes around and he’ll be the one that is teased, hee hee

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