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Dominant Percy and Submissive Nico

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Guest Elia

Percy recognizes that Nico has a crush on him from the very beginning and decides to mold Nico into his own submissive pet. This could be for simple carnal reasons or you can have a ‘heroic’  motive involved, like Poseidon telling Percy in his dreams that Nico’s a Son of Hades and candidate for the Prophecy and Percy must make sure that he is loyal to the Olympians. Percy would take advantage of Nico’s hero worship and abandonment issues from Bianca leaving to slowly seduce him, offering sword lessons, giving long, lingering hugs, praising how pretty and ‘girlish’ Nico is, stealing kisses, buying him questionable clothes, like girly panties, etc. Naturally Nico doesn’t know how to deal with this, since he’s a little kid with no sexual education and fear of his own sexuality. He doesn’t even recognize what Percy’s doing as wrong even though he likes the attention. It’ll continue at a slow pace until Nico is being moved into the Poseidon Cabin (to help deal with the crowding issues at Hermes Cabin) and regularly giving Percy blowjobs. Percy could take his virginity either before the quest starts or when he comes back and Nico has his freakout about losing Bianca, to keep him in the Camp. I would like to see a feminized Nico, some verbal humiliation, Percy being very controlling, etc. 

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