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  • I’m looking for a beta for multiple projects, and have a lot of stuff in various stages. If there’s anything egregiously badly spelled or phrased, I’d like to know. (Though sometimes it’s a choice in the POV) But what I want most are to catch brain farts in story or theme. I look at my original Nano’s and the bones of the story are okay but the tendons are missing. I would like to finish 1-2 story chunks a week, though they average 2.5k words.
  • The specific projects on my list right now are Star Wars AUs(book2 and a shorter one) original short stories/flash and 2 unfinished NaNo books, and a bunch of orphan NWN2 and DA stories.
  • I lean toward adventure with some romance, with sparse violence or smut. I really don’t like to write or read explicit violence/torture/rape. Kink depends on the setting and detail. Though my first story dealt with those aftermaths and affects. If there is slash it will be ‘off camera,’ as lead is het. Most of the time I write rotating first person POV, with an absurd word count over three fandoms in my seven longest postings. My fandoms are fantasy, and my originals are across science fiction, fantasy, and light horror.
  • I would like samples to see if I think writing styles are similar. I prefer email and use Libre office but I can contrive.

The originals especially, I’d be willing to trade beta. I have self published, but there is no way I can afford to pay for professional editing.  Here is a filler cover for my one NaNo: Prison_Ship_NaNo_thumbnail.jpg.13d2b8a3897a38680bb9f9f503324dda.jpgLet me know if you need more information.

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