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Breeding slave Anakin

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Guest Gin

Anakin is not allowed to join the Jedi but has to much potential to be left to roam free were he could be recruited by the sith.palpatine  decides not to train Anakin as a sith  seeing it as being to dangerous puts forward the idea in the senate to use Anakin to breed strong force sensitive children for the republic. Leading to Anakin being milked for his seed as soon as he starts being able to produce viable sperm.

the reblic decied on a set amount of sperm they want to harvest per day and if Anakin doesn't manage that they hook him put to a machine that milks the sperm painful.but they eventually only do this as a punishment when Anakin is uncooperative because although it collects a large amount of sperm it is low quality. Darth vada is one of Anakins children from one of palpatines force sensitives female followers.

Aayla Secura takes Ahsoka Tano as her padawan and they are eventual permanently assigned as Anakins body guards because the Jedi council thinks they become to attached to Anakin. Over the years Anakin has been whored out to many powerful women from many different planets.

When  padme is almost assassinated Palpatines puts foward the idea to hide her and her handmaidens with Anakin thinking that Padme seeing Anakin like this will break the last of his spirit. To the surprise of every one Padme and her handmaidens manage to get the best quality sperm out of Anakin in years leading them to have permanent access to Anakin.


Aayla and Ahsoka also join in when Padme and her handmaidens gang bang Anakin and use battle meditation in the bedroom.


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