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Guest Forgotten_Oracle

Set at the beginning of Book 1,

in Canon, when Hagrid first arrives at the Shack in Sea to give Harry his letter, he grabs the Rifle Vernon was threatening him with and disables it, however, what if he didnt?

Hagrid reaches for the Rifle but Vernon panics and accidentally fires off the Gun directly into Hagrid’s face killing him outright, Petunia, Dudley and Harry are horrified but Vernon has completely snapped by now and drags his wife and son out of the shack as fast as possible and tells them to prepare the boat back to the mainland,

He re-enters the Shack and informs Harry they are leaving him behind as they should have done years ago, gleefully telling Harry that everything is all his fault and none of this would have ever happened had he never been born, especially because if he had never been born he parents would still be alive, Vernon reveals that the night he was left with them there was a letter that told them all how his parents had been killed simply because Harry he existed and that was why they hated him so much, without him being born, Petunia’s sister would be still alive (Vernon doesn’t actually care about this last bit but said it purely to hurt Harry)

Harry now trapped in the Shack with Hagrid’s Body has no way of getting back to land and begins to panic, the storm gets worse making him enter a full blown panic attack and eventually causes the ceiling to cave in burying him in the rubble, severely injured the last thought Harry has was that he wishes he had never been born before feeling a searing pain coming from his scar and falling unconscious

several hours later a very different person rises from the rubble, trapped on a little rock with no memories, no name and their only company being the Dead Body of a Total Stranger

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