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Guest Gin

DxD Koneko spanks Rias

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Guest Gin

During an argument with her parents over her marriage contract after Rias complains about it not being her choice one of her parents snaps at her that it's just like the members of her peerage not haveing a choice.

Rias who loves her peerage has been a feeling a great amount of guilt and self doubt over her if her peerage are there by choice  gathers them in Gaspers room were she gets down on her knees and prostrates herself before them and asked for there forgiveness. Of Rias four current peerage members only Koneko does not forgive her immediately.

Koneko Says that she will forgive Rias after 10000 spankings.Rias immediately agrees Rias and Koneko leave the other three and go to the club room were  Koneko sits in Rias chair, Rias then undress and lays down across Konekos lap. Koneko starts the spanking channeling demonic power to her hand.Rias has resolved her self to take her punishment with dignity. But she underestimated Konekos rook strength and durability. She makes it to 1500 before the first tear falls. But Koneko does not stop because with her ability to feel other people emotions  she can feel the guilty that Rias holds in her heart decreased get with each spank.

when the spanking reaches its end Koneko is feeling terrible Rias is her friend and she has put her threw so much pain. She slides Rias off her lap onto the floor and runs out of the club room strait into the arms of Akeno who had been waiting outside the door Akeno turns Koneko around and pushes her back into the club room and over to the sobbing Rias. Koneko takes her in her arms a Akeno then pulls out a fluffy blanket that she raps around the other two girls Koneko then picks Rias up and moves the two of them over to the one of the couches were she sits down with Rias in her lap.  As Koneko sits with Rias in her arms who is slowly drifting off to sleep she can feel that wall that used to exist between her and Rias has vanished. Akeno then has koneko carry Rias to her bed. When koneko tries to leave to go to house akeno stops her and tells her to get undressed and get in bed with Rias feeling emotionally exhausted koneko goes as she is told and drifts off to sleep with Rias in her arms.

Over the next month koneko  heals Rias useing Bouchujutsu(bedroom method). once Rias is completely healed Konkeo is already in the habit of sleeping in Rias bed so she never a moves back to her own bed she also pick up Rias habit of sleeping in the nude.


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