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Few Fuu lemons idea

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Guest Mr.E.

I look for Fuu lemons, but found only few old stories. So I get the idea of few Fuu sex stories, but I don’t enjoy my own lemons. So I will let the description of this story here, hoping that someone will take this challange.

1 idea: Tailed Beast mating season.

Story starts normally, with Fuu and her team return from mission, take the prize and go to eat lunch together. After that, they split; Fuu go to her favourite cliff, close to main waterfall, and take a nap. She waking up at midnight with full moon, and knowing that she overslept, decides to sneak back to her home. But when she get through the forest, Fuu notice that something is not right. It’s autumn, the night, but she fells too hot and stuffy; also starts having problems with walking and even stand stright.

Fuu don’t know that in every year, during the first full moon, Seven Tails chakra leaking from her seal in form of powerful aphrodisiac. It’s a form of desire of extend spieces. But it works only for adults woman, and she turn 18 in last year.

She still sneak through forest, but with every minute she feel worse - starts sweating and become wet, but don’t notice the last. Quickly Fuu feels so hot, that she slowly start strips. During that, she even starts thinking of having sex: starts with Shibuki; then her sensei and teammates; ending with though of fucked by many males at the same time. She didn’t notice that alredy strips to underwear, and her panties are totaly soaked. But wanted cool down herself she slowly starts masturbate, during walking through forest.

When finally reach village, Fuu is complete naked. She’s so horny that she cannot even think properly – now she want only find a males, be fucked by them to unconsciousness and get pregnant. Fortunately, she was find by few male shinobi who take her to safe place, where they can enjoy of her all night…

In morning, Fuu find herself in her bed, naked and clean. She didn’t remember anything that happend soon after enter forest, but she for unknown reasons are much happier than before. She didn’t know, that during that night one of shinobi impregnanted her.

2 idea: Celebration of Mission success.

Starts with return of Fuu Team from S-rate Mission. It’s asternoon. They take congratulation from leader of Waterfall Village for complete that mission with they realy bad cooperation (thee almost Fuu). Fuu propose to celebrate success, and other with resistance accept that. Party starts with many meals and games. Their sensei bring also few bottle of alcohol. Fuu at the beginning refuse to drink, but her teammates finally conviced her to this. After few hours of eating, drinking and playing they finally start boring.

Then their sensei propose play in “Strip bottle” – they spin a bottle, and person who was pointed an choose: question or challange. If they don’t answer, don’t accept challenge or failed on it – then that person take off part of his cloth. If someon take all his cloth – the game ends, and he lose.

Fuu and the others, drunken, accept that and start played. Their sensei spin and Fuu was the first pointed person: she choose challange - she must kiss one of men in room (your choise who). After that she pointed one of her teammates – Challange: eat 5 chilli peppers. Question: with how many girfriends you broke (at least 3). He answer/He failed on challange. And the game continnued…

After half hour they become more drunken and game become more roughtly: question become more personaly or intimate, challange become more ridiculous. Fuu is the only one who still have all cloth, but she lose the last challange – so she must take off her shorts. Few minutes later she’s pointed again by her teammates and ask: “Did you ever do a blowjob?”. Embarrassed she don’t answer and must take her shirt off; leaving her in only her underwear. Fuu spin and pinted at the guy wo asked her about blowjob – in revange her asked him to describe his first sex. To her suprise he describ that; with details, but briefly. Game continued.

After few minutes is turn of one of teammates. He spin and pointed on their sensei. Drunked and lacking of ideas, he ask: “Who is last girl you fuck?”. He just pointed in embarrassed Fuu, who secretly tried convince him to don’t answer. Next, when the same guy spin, he pointed on Fuu, and ask “Why you have sex with sensei?”. She didn’t answer, and take off her bra. They still plays but when bottle points on Fuu, they give her only humiliating question, like - “How many times in day you masturbate?”, “Did you like taste of sperm?” e.t.c.. She, totally embarressed, answer to all of them, because don’t want lose.

After some times, their are almost all naked and one of Fuu teammates pointed at Fuu, all red in face because of alcohol and their tease. He give her challange – make their sensei cum in 1 minutes. She, embarrassed, totally drunked and don’t wanted lose, accept challange. She go under table, and start suck her teacher, trying as hard as she can to win challange – but she lose, and must take her panties off.

Despite this they allow her to continue play - but if she lose again, then she must obey all of their orders until it’s midnight. She accept it, and their continue play. But finally their give her challange, that she is unable to do. And so game is end, and Fuu must obey their all order. All perverly order.

Their give her title “Waterfall Slut”, and order her to called them “masters”. She was chained to round table and their slowly start fuck her. After few hours, when the midnight come, she was cover in sperm, with silly smile on her face and eyeballs roll to her skull. She was in heaven.

Few days after that, they go in next mission. When their camp to rest, Fuu just rise her skirt, and with smile on her face, she beg them to fuck her once more.

3 idea: Relax in Hot Springs.

Fuu is in alone escort mission. She finish it, but decided to stay in little village. This settled is know for great hots springs, so Fuu decided to de-stress herself after mission. She go, strips in changing room, wash, and then step in it.

She relaxing in ther some time, but then to bath came some villagers after hard works. They suprised taht some girls come to coeducational bath. She, embarrassed want leave it, but their tired conviced her to stay. They started talking to her, and finally she stays. They taked about her mission, their work, their wifes and about life. She spend a great time, but finally decided to leave.

But because she spends some times with them and normally talk to them, their want rewarded her. One of them gentely drags her back to water and starts massage her shoulders. The rest mans start massage other part of her body: legs, arms, feet. She, for beginning fight back them, but in the end she start enjoy it.

Their massage slowly become more intimate, and before Fuu notice their starts played with her breast and her ass. She started quietly moan. Some of them, as response for it, start suck at her nipples and licked her pussy. At this moment Fuu don’t care that she almost don’t know them – because she was in heaven. And when they asked her “Did we can go further?”, she only moan for confirm.

She spend entire night in hot springs. Entire night, with men from village. Their make her cum, time after time. She scream in pleasure, that their give her.

In that one night - she was a goddess, and their was the chosen for her.

She make them happy and coplete dry. She take all their semen inside her. Maybe she get pregnant... But if so, then she gets pregnant happily.

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Guest Mr.E

Well, few changes is not bad thing… Especially when I really like NaruFuu, so… I have no objection :)

Naruto can be on training with Jirayia or on mission in Takigakure.

But Fuu at beginning shouldn’t know about Naru. When she walk through forest, strip and imagine sex with Shibuki and others however, she fell a powerfull chakra, and even more horny than before, she go to the place where that chakra – Naruto chakra – is. About sex scenes with Naruto… Well, mindless fuck and maaaany clones should be obvious XP. They can do it in every place – hot spring, in forest, in side alley… Your choise ;)

How about this?

And, what you exactly mean with this “ transform like in species“?

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Guest Mr.E

Huh… Never watch it, and I’m not sure about that idea. I mean, Fuu is human and in my opinion should look like a human, only her body reaction should change… Or…

Maybe her inside organs can mutate into more like insects? And her pregnancy can be more like insects – insted of create embryo, her body made multiple eggs inside her womb, and she need someone to impregnate them...  

Don’t really know… You can try, but I prefer Fuu as a human, eventually with that inside organs changes... What do you think?

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Guest Mr.E

Ok. I just this movie - Species… And that transform idea maybe not that bad. Few examples:

Fuu can mutate because of too much use of Seven Tails chakra. She have permanently Seven Tailed wings and scales on part of her back, and can hide it under her skin; her teeth and nails can be sharper and longer (not too long, though); lack of pupils in eyes also can be effect of mutation. Her pregnancy can be longer than normal human and jinchuuriki - will take 12 months: it start with create eggs in womb, after 2 months eggs turn into human-insect embryo and after next 10 months she finally give birth.

How about it? If you can and want, go on ahead and write. Just said me, because curiosity will kill me xP

Of course if someone else want write it’s original version, or one of other two idea – even modified – the go on, just said it xP  

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