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Guest Does_Anyone_Really_Care

Phantom Affair

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Guest Does_Anyone_Really_Care

Crossover between Danny Phantom and Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Danny after the Disateroid is rejected by earth so has Clockwork send him away

Meets and befriends Ahsoka early on in the Clone Wars (Before Holocron Heist)

Slightly aged up characters (16 instead of 14)

After spending a lot of time together they develop feelings for eachother and decide to have a secret romance while they continue to fight in the war

Stress, curiosity, and lack of most date options result in a sexual aspect quickly entering their relationship

Ahsoka likes to use her flexibility and prefers rougher sex (hard and fast, face fuck, spank, risk of being caught)

Danny abuses his powers for sexual purposes (clones, invisibility, minor shapeshifting that alters size)

They have LOTS of sex

Aayla Secura is the only one who finds out (after at least a year of their relationship) and agrees to keep quite only if they allow her to join in their sexcapades

Aayla likes to dance, wear slutty cloths, and be submissive

Either ends after Ahsoka leaves the Order with Danny following publicly and Aalya secretly (fake death) or Danny and Ahsoka help Anakin not fall to the Dark Side and prevent Order 66

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How powerful should Danny be? I have it in my head that since he could copy the powers of other ghosts, he could be so powerful that hes seen as their version of Superman (in a similar way Anikin is seen as Captain America). He could copy people like Ember giving him a syrin's voice that can heal and bewitch foes, Technus could give him technopathy and electrokenisis, Johnny 13 can give him shadowmancy and luck manipulation and so on.

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