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Weasleys Revenge

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After finding out that it was Lucius Malfoy who gave Ginny the Horcrux, Fred and George swear revenge

They manage to slip Draco one of their products that changes his gender and enslaves him, and then humiliate and punish her.

It starts off with them just personally using and humiliating her, but when the year ends they bring her back to the Burrow. The other Weasleys initially are worried but Fred and George did their research and found some old law to allow them to take Malfoy as a concubine.

From there on Malfoy is basically the family’s maid, slave, brood mare and is routinely used and humiliated by the entire family as revenge for what happened


Story should involve gratuitous ENF, CMNF, Humiliation, Punishment, D/S and after a while pregnancy

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