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reincarnation, new world, new life and harem

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Guest Draynuy

In a possible world, Harry, after having sacrified himself to finish Voldemort, has no reason to return back and he choose to go to the next great adventure, not knowing it wil be really a new adventure.

Harry has several choices (i give you two but you can choose another universe but they must have the possibility for a harem), in either case, Harry will conserve his powers, his magicale core, his souvenirs and his eyes, he  will gain the body of his new identity, the souvenirs and the eventual powers that will fusion with his own powers.

Hedwig must reappear, at one moment or another, as his advanced familliar with the capacity to take a human form, she must become part of his lovers.


For my proposition:

Fate stay night universe:

Before going to the universe Harry can visualize each of the paths than shiro can live so he can memorize them and prepare for his live.

Harry fusionnes with shiro just before kiritsugu find him and just after that shiro’s mind was totaly broken. Harry’s magical core fusionnes with shiro’s magical circuits and aliment them, wich give him as much mana than Medea in her prime. His origine become creation and enchanting and his element become metal in a bizarre combination of all basic element.

Harry manages to befriend Sakura and Rin when he is a child; he also manages to contact Ilya, a bit before Kiritsugu's death, with the aide of Hedwig.

During the grail war Harry summons Saber (Arturia Pendragon) and convinces Medusa and Medea to join his side, Medea becomes the princess of colchis again.

For his Harem: Saber, Sakura, Rin, Ilya, Medea, Medusa and Hedwig.

Highschool DxD:

Harry fusionnes with Issei just before this one begins at Kuoh academy; Issei has a accident wich should have killed him if Harry had not fusionned with him.

Because of his magical power Harry enters in contact with Ddraig nearly immediately.

Because Harry has more restrain than Issei, he do not devellop a reputation of pervert (he don’t befriend matsuda and motohama) however Issei pervertion affect him and he devellop a reputation of playboy gentleman.

Harry must befriend Koneko nearly immediatelly after his beginnig at Kuoh.

Hedwig becomes his familiar during the visit at the familiars’ forest.

For his Harem: too much to note but the same than Issei with Fem Kiba, Fem Gasper and Hedwig added.

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