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Guest Jaxxy

Site News: 2/15/08

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Guest Jaxxy


Minds out of the gutter, now! VD presents!

Some of the presents aren't so visible, but if you're one who pays attention to how's coding handles, you just might notice that the bunch of new updates we just applied is smoothing out some more of your navigation experience as well as the site's general appearance.

On the bells-and-whistles front, take a gander at your Userpanel next time you log in -- you'll see two new additions to the set of links off to the left-hand side of the page.

People've been asking us for more variety in their choice of Author Profile avatars for time out of mind. As of this morning, you can see we've got you covered!

Right under the new "Upload Avatars" link, you'll also see a "View All Avatars" link -- now you can check out what others have already submitted in a single click. Maybe you'll see something that suits you up there already, but now if you don't, you can upload to your heart's content.

The file sizes are small, to be sure, but we do still request that you keep any X-rated images out of site (I pun). We don't want a legal question emerging about the degree of "adult content" that AFF hosts! Literature only. What can we say? We're a brainy lot.

So, Happy Valentine's Day! (And yeay for our Techs!)

-- Jaxxy

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